We are dedicated to diversifying South East Queensland’s skateboarding community. Previously known as Girls Skate Brisbane (GSB); we have developed tremendously since forming in 2016 recognising the importance of terminology and language, our community will now move forward as We Skate Queensland (Qld) – inclusive of Womxn’s, non-binary and gender diverse skateboarders in Queensland.

We aim to create an all inclusive environment for skateboarding and arts in our region as to encourage the greater skate community to incorporate safe and positive parks and spaces for deeper diversity.

Our team is situated across the southeast coast of Australia, forever moving and changing we try bring events and workshops to as many skateboarders and supporters. We collaborate with groups and organisations who are also progressing the skate community. Offering free group lessons, private classes, workshops, competitions and arts events.

Another major part of our movement is to advocate for consensual conduct in all forms and in all circumstances. No excuses. No shame, no blame, educate. Support your friends, ask questions and check for consent before advancing with audible or physical advances on others including offering personal advice or opinions. We are also proud to be part of the co-founding groups of skateboarders and skate groups involved with the global campaign Consent is Rad.

Call out your bros. If they’re ever racist, sexist, homophobic, call those bitches out.

Leo Baker
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